Mountainbike frame Klein Adroit Sea & Sky size 21

Ram i Stockholm

Cykeldelar / Ram

I have for sale one of the best mountain bike ever made, Klein Adroit. Pure aluminum technology design by the master, Gary Klein. 1994 Klein Adroit Sea & Sky size 21 in great condition. I am only selling this jewel because I realized size 22 fits me better. I was planning to repaint the fork to match if I was going to keep it. Rock Shox Mag Titanium works perfectly and shows normal discoloration for this fork. I have other Rock Shox Mag Ti and they all have the same discoloration. Frame has some minor nicks here and there. Chain suck is minimum. There is a small dent under the top tube by the bottom bracket. It was there when I bought it and it can be easily repair by a painter. MC2 handlebar has some normal paint blemishes on the edge
Frame dimensions:
Seat tube 17.5c-c/19.5 c- end of seat tube
Top tube 23 c-c
serial number # X0994040
Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions: