MERIDA Big Nine 29"" cycle

MTB Hardtail i Göteborg

Mountainbike / MTB Hardtail

I am selling my great MERIDA Mountaib bike (MTB) big Nine 29" cycle. It has 3 gear shifters for differetent surface and 8 gears, so in total 8x3 gear adjustments. Sze of the wheels is 29" . Better rolling performance and better traction of the wheel uphill and down hill due to larger tire footprint.. Cycle has great front and back hydraulic disc brakes. Mud guards have been installed by myself in both front and back tires.

I will be leaving Sweden soon because of my job so want to sell as soon as possible. Therefore the price is very resonable.

Have a nice Summer!

MERIDA Big Nine 29"" cycle MERIDA Big Nine 29"" cycle